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Does Adblock Block Google Analytics

How Many Users Block Google Analytics

Adblockers are browser extensions that can block various kinds of advertisements on web pages. Some people use adblockers to avoid intrusive ads, while others use them to reduce data usage and speed up page loading times. Many users are concerned about their privacy and security, and they want to protect their personal information from being tracked by online advertisers. One of the popular questions they ask is does adblock block Google Analytics?

The answer is yes, adblockers can block Google Analytics. Since Google Analytics uses tracking codes to collect data from website visitors, it can be blocked by adblockers. When a user visits a website that has Google Analytics installed, the adblocker may prevent the tracking code from loading, and thus prevent Google Analytics from recording any data. However, some adblockers have whitelists that allow certain types of tracking, so it may depend on the specific adblocker settings.

Brave is a browser that has built-in adblocking and privacy protection features. It blocks ads and trackers by default and provides users with an option to allow certain kinds of ads and trackers through its Brave Rewards program. But does Brave block Google Analytics? Yes, Brave blocks Google Analytics by default, but users can choose to allow it if they wish. However, Brave also has its own privacy-focused analytics tool called Brave Stats, that provides website owners with insights into their website traffic without collecting any personal information.

According to recent studies, about 26% of internet users globally use adblockers. The number varies by region, with some countries having higher adblocker usage rates than others. This means that a significant percentage of website visitors may not be tracked by Google Analytics or other tracking tools. However, it is important to note that not all users who block ads also block tracking, so the actual number of users who block Google Analytics may be lower than the adblocker usage rates suggest.



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