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How To Add Alt Text To Images In Elementor

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Elementor

Alt text, or alternative text, is used to describe images on the web for visually impaired users or those who have images disabled on their browser. It is also used by search engines to understand what the image is about, which can improve your website’s SEO. Elementor, a popular page builder for WordPress, makes it easy to add alt text to your images.

First, select the image you want to add alt text to in Elementor. Click on the image and go to the Style tab on the left sidebar. Scroll down to the Advanced section and click on it. Here, you will see an option to add an Alt Text for the image.

Type a short description of the image in the Alt Text field. It should be a concise and accurate description that provides context for the image. Avoid using generic phrases such as “image” or “picture,” and instead use descriptive keywords that relate to the image.

After adding the Alt Text, make sure to click Save or Update to save your changes. This applies your new Alt Text to the image. Repeat this process for other images on your website that may be missing Alt Text.

Adding Alt Text to your images is an essential step in improving your website’s accessibility and SEO. By following these simple steps in Elementor, you can make sure that all of your images have descriptive and accurate Alt Text. This will help users understand the content of your website and improve your website’s ranking in search engine results.



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