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How To Add Alt Text To Images In Html

HTML is a widely used programming language to create websites and web pages. One of the essential features of web development is the optimization of website content for accessibility and user experience. Adding alt text to images in HTML is a crucial component of accessibility as it provides a text description of an image in case it fails to load or cannot be seen by the user.

To add alt text to images in HTML, one should use the “alt” attribute in the “img” tag. The “img” tag is used to insert images on the web pages. The “alt” attribute specifies the alternative text to be displayed if the image cannot be loaded or seen by the user. The “alt” attribute also plays a critical role in SEO as it helps search engines understand the content of images on the webpage, making them more searchable and accessible.

Here is an example of how to add alt text to images in HTML:

A blue car parked in front of a house
In the example above, the “src” attribute specifies the source of the image, while the “alt” attribute provides a description of the image. The text within the “alt” attribute should be a concise and accurate description of the image.

In conclusion, adding alt text to images in HTML is a simple yet crucial step in creating accessible websites. It helps improve the user experience and makes web content more accessible to everyone, including those with visual impairments. By using the “alt” attribute in the “img” tag, web developers can ensure that images load correctly and provide an accurate and concise description of the image.


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