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How To Add Alt Text To Images Word

How to Add Alt Text to Images in Microsoft Word

Alt text, also known as alternative text or alt tags, are essential for accessibility and for improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your document. In Microsoft Word, adding alt text is a straightforward process. Here’s how to add alt text to images in Word.

Adding Alt Text to an Image in Word

1. Click on the image you want to add alt text to.
2. Click on the “Format” tab in the menu bar.
3. Click on “Alt Text” in the “Accessibility” group.
4. In the “Alt Text” pane, enter a description of the image in the “Description” field. Keep in mind that the description should be concise, informative, and accurately reflect the content of the image.
5. Add any additional information, such as the artist’s name or date of creation, in the “Title” field.
6. Click “Close” to save the alt text.

Why Alt Text is Important

Alt text is important because it ensures that people with visual impairments can understand the content of your document. Screen readers, which are used by people with visual impairments, read the alt text aloud to the user, allowing them to understand what the image is conveying. Without alt text, the user would not be able to fully comprehend the document.

Additionally, alt text is important for SEO. Search engines use alt text to understand the content of the image, which can help your document rank higher in search results. However, it’s important to note that you should not simply stuff your alt text with keywords. Your alt text should accurately reflect the content of the image, and any relevant information, such as the artist’s name or date of creation.

In conclusion, adding alt text to images in Word is an essential step to making your document accessible and improving its SEO. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your document is inclusive and easily understood by all users.



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