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How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger

How To Connect Google Analytics To Blogger

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that’s widely used across the world. It is focused on helping webmasters and marketers understand their website traffic and user behavior, and provides a wide range of insights that can help improve a website’s overall performance. If you’re a blogger on the Blogger platform, it’s essential to add Google Analytics tracking to your site to gain insights into your website visitors’ behavior.

To add Google Analytics to your Blogger website, you’ll need a Google Analytics account. If you don’t already have one, you can create it from the Google Analytics website. Once you have an account, log in to the Google Analytics dashboard by visiting Next, select the option to set up a new property. Give it a name and fill in the other details that are requested. Finally, copy the tracking code that Google Analytics generates for you.

Once you’ve copied your tracking code, log in to your Blogger account and go to the “Settings” section of your blog. Navigate to the “Other” tab, and you’ll see an option to add the tracking code in the “Analytics” section. Paste the code in the space provided and click save. Finally, you’ll need to verify that the tracking code is properly configured. To do this, return to the Google Analytics dashboard and click on the “Admin” tab. From there, you’ll see a “Tracking ID” section where you can verify your tracking code.

In conclusion, it’s important to connect your Blogger website to Google Analytics to gain valuable insights into your website visitors’ behavior. Adding Google Analytics to your website is straightforward and easy, and can help you improve your website’s overall performance. By following these steps and connecting your website to Google Analytics, you’ll have access to the data you need to make informed decisions about your website’s content marketing strategy.



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