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How To Add Google Analytics To Webflow

Adding Google Analytics to your Webflow website can help you track your website traffic and understand your audience better. Here’s how to do it:

1. First, sign in to your Google Analytics account and create a new property for your Webflow site. Copy the tracking code that Google provides.

2. In Webflow, go to the project settings and click on the Integrations tab. Scroll down until you see the Google Analytics section and paste the tracking code in the designated field.

3. Save and publish your site. Google Analytics should start tracking your website data within 24 hours.

Note that if you have multiple pages on your Webflow site, you may need to add the tracking code to each individual page. You can do this by adding a custom code block to the page and pasting in the tracking code.

Another useful feature in Webflow is the ability to track form submissions as conversions in Google Analytics. To do this, go to the Form settings in Webflow and add a Google Analytics event to the form submission trigger. You can then set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics to track how many form submissions you receive.

In summary, adding Google Analytics to Webflow is a straightforward process that can provide valuable insights into your website traffic and user behavior. Don’t forget to set up conversion tracking for your form submissions to get the most out of your analytics data.


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