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How To Change Http To Https In Google Search Console

How To Change To Https In Google Search Console

If you are a website owner, you must be familiar with the Google Search Console. It is a free tool that allows you to monitor your website’s performance and make it more visible on the Google search engine. HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP, and it is essential for your website’s security and credibility. Moreover, Google considers HTTPS as a ranking factor. Therefore, you must know how to change HTTP to HTTPS in Google Search Console.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your website has a valid SSL certificate. You can purchase it from a trusted provider or ask your hosting provider to install it for you. After you have installed the SSL certificate, you need to change the site on Google Search Console. To do this, go to Google Search Console and choose the preferred version of your site i.e., or Select the ‘Add Property’ option and enter your website’s new HTTPS URL.

Once you have added the new HTTPS property, you need to verify it using one of the recommended methods. After the verification process is complete, you can submit a new sitemap and fetch as Google to ensure that your website’s pages are correctly indexed. Additionally, remember to update your website’s URLs in other places such as social media profiles, business directories, and Google My Business.

In conclusion, changing HTTP to HTTPS in Google Search Console is an essential step that can secure your website and improve its visibility on Google search engine. Make sure that you install a valid SSL certificate, change the site on Google Search Console, and verify the HTTPS property. Also, remember to update your website URL in other places. If you face any difficulty in the process, you can always seek help from web developers or hosting providers.


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