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How To Check A Website Domain Authority

How to Check a Website Domain Authority

Domain authority (DA) is a metric that measures the strength and relevance of a website. This score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating more authoritative websites that are more likely to rank higher in search engine result pages. Checking a website’s domain authority can help you assess the value of a site for link building, SEO, and other marketing purposes. Here are some effective ways to check a website’s domain authority.

Using Moz’s Link Explorer Tool:

Moz’s Link Explorer is the most popular tool for checking domain authority. It offers you the ability to check the DA of a website, along with other valuable metrics like page authority, root domains, and total links. To check the DA of a website using Moz, simply enter the site’s URL in the search bar and click on the search icon. The tool will generate a report for that URL, including the site’s domain authority score.

Using Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is another popular tool for checking website domain authority. It offers a comprehensive report that includes information about the website’s backlinks and other key SEO metrics. To check DA using Ahrefs, enter the website’s URL into the search bar and click on “Check domain.” The tool will show you the domain authority score and other valuable information such as the number of referring domains, backlinks, and organic search traffic.

In conclusion, checking a website’s domain authority is essential for understanding its strength and relevance in the online world. Moz’s Link Explorer and Ahrefs are two popular and effective tools for checking DA. With these tools, you can also compare the domain authority of multiple websites and identify opportunities for improving your own site’s authority. Keep in mind that domain authority is just one factor among many that contribute to a website’s overall SEO and success, but it is an important metric to track on an ongoing basis.


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