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How To Check Alt Text Of An Image

Checking the alt text of an image is a crucial aspect of web accessibility, as it provides textual descriptions for images that can be read by users with visual impairments using screen readers. The alt text also serves as a fallback in case the image fails to load. In this article, we will discuss how to check the alt text of an image.

Checking the alt text with the browser developer tools

One way to check the alt text of an image is by using the browser developer tools. Most modern browsers have a built-in inspector that allows you to inspect the properties of any element on a web page, including images. To access the inspector, right-click on an image and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element.”

Once you have opened the inspector, locate the image element in the HTML code. The alt text should be specified in the “alt” attribute of the “img” tag. If the element does not have an alt attribute, or if the attribute is empty, the image does not have alt text.

Checking the accessibility of the alt text

It is not enough to simply check whether an image has alt text; it is also important to ensure that the alt text is descriptive and accurate. To check the accessibility of the alt text, you can use a screen reader to read the alt text aloud. Most modern operating systems come with built-in screen reader software, such as VoiceOver on MacOS and Narrator on Windows.

To test the alt text with a screen reader, simply navigate to the web page containing the image and activate the screen reader. The screen reader should automatically read the alt text aloud when it encounters the image. Listen carefully to the description to ensure that it accurately conveys the content and function of the image. If the image is purely decorative, the alt text should be empty or contain the word “decorative” to indicate that it does not convey any meaningful information.

In conclusion, checking the alt text of an image is a critical part of web accessibility. By using the browser developer tools and screen reader software, you can ensure that the alt text is accurate and descriptive, providing equal access to all users.



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