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How To Connect Data Studio To Google Analytics

How To Connect Google Analytics

Connecting Data Studio to Google Analytics is a quick and easy process. There are several benefits to connecting these tools, including the ability to create more advanced reports, custom visualizations, and data mashups. Here are the steps for how to connect Data Studio to Google Analytics:

First, you’ll need to log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the “Admin” section. From there, click on “Data Streams” and select your website. Under “Measurement Settings,” make sure that “Google Signals” is turned on. This will ensure that you can access all of the features of Data Studio.

Next, open Data Studio and create a new report. From the “Data Source” tab, select “Google Analytics.” You will be prompted to connect your Google Analytics account, so make sure you are logged in to the correct Google account.

Once you have connected Google Analytics, you will be able to select which website profile you want to use for your report. You can also customize your report settings, including date range, metrics, and dimensions. From there, you can start creating your report, adding charts, tables, and other visualizations to show your data.

If you’re looking to connect Etsy to Google Analytics, the process is similar. First, log into your Etsy account and navigate to “Shop Manager.” From there, click on “Stats” and then “Traffic.” Under “Google Analytics,” you can connect your Etsy shop to your Google Analytics account using a tracking ID.

Connecting Google Analytics to other tools is also a valuable step for any marketer or business owner. By connecting Google Analytics to your CRM, for example, you can better track and measure your sales funnel. To connect Google Analytics to other tools, you will need to use an integration platform such as Zapier or Segment. From there, you can automate workflows and data transfers between Google Analytics and other tools, saving you time and giving you more insights into your business.


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