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How To Do Alt Text On Instagram

How to do Alt Text on Instagram

Alt text is an essential tool in providing an accessible and inclusive online experience for all users, including those with visual impairments. Instagram has recognized this need and has provided the option to add alt text to all images and videos uploaded to the platform. When using alt text, a brief description of the image or video is added, which can be read by screen reader technology. In this way, visually impaired users can better understand the content and context of the posts shared on Instagram.

To add alt text to your Instagram post, first, go through the regular process of uploading your photo or video. Once you have selected your media, you will be given several options to edit your post details, including filters, tags, and location. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the ‘Advanced Settings’ button. Tap on it to access additional customization options.

Here, you will find an ‘Alt Text’ field. Click on it and enter a brief description of the photo or video. Keep the description concise, but informative, and include any relevant details that may not be immediately clear from the image. Once you have added the alt text, click ‘Done’.

It is important to note that while alt text is a great tool for making content more accessible, it is not a substitute for good image descriptions or captions. If you want to further enhance the accessibility of your posts, you can provide detailed image descriptions in your captions, as well. For example, you can describe the colors, patterns, and style of clothing in a fashion post, or talk about the location and setting of a landscape photo. These descriptions can help paint a fuller picture of the image for all of your followers.

In conclusion, adding alt text to your Instagram posts is an important step towards creating an inclusive online environment. By taking the time to add a brief description of your images and videos, you can help visually impaired users better understand the content you share on your page. Additionally, providing more detailed image descriptions in your captions can further enhance the accessibility of your posts. So, why not start implementing these easy accessibility tips to make your Instagram page more inclusive to all users?


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