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How To Perform Keyword Research

Performing keyword research is essential for any successful SEO campaign as it helps to determine what users are searching for online and what keywords you should target to offer the most relevant results. Keyword research is a process of identifying a list of keywords that are relevant to your website, products, or services that you want to promote. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to perform keyword research.

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step to performing keyword research is brainstorming. Start by thinking about the topics related to your business, products or services that you want to rank for. Try to come up with as many keywords as possible. Use tools like Google Autocomplete where you’ll be given suggestions based on your initial keyword idea.

Step 2: Keyword Research Tools

Once you’ve brainstormed your keywords, it’s time to use keyword research tools to get data that’ll help you determine which keywords you should target. Some of the most popular tools include Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Ahrefs, KWFinder, and SEMrush. These tools will provide you with essential information such as search volume, competition, and cost per click. Analyze the data and choose the keywords that are relevant to your business, have a high search volume, and low competition.

Step 3: Finalize your list of keywords

After analyzing the data from the keyword research tools, it’s time to finalize your list of keywords. Choose the keywords that align with your business goals and have the highest search volume. Keep in mind that you want to balance between choosing high volume keywords and low competition keywords. You do not want to target keywords that are too competitive, as it will be difficult to rank for them.

In conclusion, keyword research is a crucial step when running an SEO campaign as it helps you to optimize your website and content for search engines. It’s important to have a balance between high volume keywords and low competition keywords. By following the above steps, you’ll be able to find the right keywords to target and increase your website traffic.


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