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How To See The Alt Text Of An Image

How to See the Alt Text of an Image: A Comprehensive Guide for Intermediate Users

As an intermediate user, you understand the importance of accessibility in digital content, including images. When adding images to your content, you likely know that it’s crucial to include alt text, or alternative text, which describes the content and function of the image. Alt text helps screen readers and other assistive technologies understand the purpose of the image and convey that information to users with visual impairments. But what if you want to see the alt text of an image yourself? Here’s how.

1. View the Image Properties

One way to view the alt text of an image is to check its properties. On a Windows computer, right-click the image file and select “Properties.” On a Mac, control-click the image file and select “Get Info.” Look for a field labeled “Alt text” or “Alternative text.” Depending on the image and how it was created, the alt text may be blank or incomplete. However, if the alt text is present and descriptive, you’ll be able to view it here.

2. Use a Screen Reader

Another way to see the alt text of an image is to use a screen reader, which can read aloud the content of a webpage or document, including alt text. Most modern operating systems come with a built-in screen reader, such as Microsoft Narrator on Windows or VoiceOver on Mac. To use a screen reader, first turn it on in your operating system settings. Then, navigate to the image using your keyboard or mouse, and the screen reader should automatically read the alt text aloud.

3. Check the HTML Code

Finally, if you have access to the HTML code of a webpage or document, you can view the alt text directly in the code. Look for the “img” tag that corresponds to the image, and the alt text should be included within the tag, surrounded by quotation marks. For example:

A woman walking a dog in a park



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