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How To Use Alt Text On Instagram

How to Use Alt Text on Instagram

Alt text, or alternative text, is a feature that has been around on Instagram for a while, but is often overlooked by users. Alt text is a short description of the content of your image, and it’s used by Instagram to help visually impaired users understand what’s in your post. In addition to making your posts more accessible, alt text can also improve your Instagram SEO and make it easier for people to find your content.

To use alt text on Instagram, start by uploading your image as you would with any other post. Once you’ve added your caption and any other relevant information, click on the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the screen. From there, select “Write Alt Text” and enter a short description of your image. Keep your description brief but descriptive, and try to include any relevant keywords that might help your post get discovered.

It’s worth noting that alt text is not visible on the main Instagram feed, but it will be displayed if someone uses a screen reader to access your post. In addition, alt text can be helpful for creating more inclusive and diverse content, as it allows you to describe things like skin color, hair texture, and other visual details that might not be immediately obvious from the image itself. So, if you want to make your Instagram posts more inclusive and accessible, be sure to take advantage of the alt text feature.


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