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How To Write An Alt Text

How to Write an Alt Text

Alt text, also known as alternative text or description, is a brief description of an image that is read by screen readers for visually impaired users. It is essential to include alt text as it allows everyone to access and understand the content of a website. Writing alt text may seem challenging, but it is easy to learn.

Firstly, it is important to understand the purpose of the image. Alt text should describe the content and function of the image. Consider the context of the image and the information that it conveys. Secondly, keep it short and concise. The recommended length of alt text is between 80-125 characters. Avoid lengthy descriptions that may slow down the screen reader’s pace.

When writing the alt text, use descriptive words that accurately reflect the image’s content. Avoid using words like ‘image of’ or ‘picture of’. Instead, describe what the image portrays. For example, instead of writing ‘image of a cat’, write ‘brown tabby cat sleeping on a cushion’. Lastly, avoid using generic or vague descriptions. The alt text should be specific to the image.

In conclusion, writing an alt text is a skill that is easy to learn. Be mindful of the image’s context, length, and specificity when crafting the description. By including alt text, everyone can access and understand the content on your website. Remember, accessibility should be a priority in web design.



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