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How To Write Good Image Alt Text

Writing good image alt text is an essential aspect of website accessibility and search engine optimization. When images do not load properly, or if a visually impaired user is browsing the website, alt text descriptions help them understand what the image is about.

1. Keep it Descriptive and Accurate

The first step in writing good alt text is to ensure it accurately describes the image. You should provide a clear and concise description of the image, including its purpose and context within the page. Avoid being too general or vague in your descriptions. Instead, focus on providing details that supplement the meaning of the image.

2. Use Relevant Keywords

Another important aspect of writing good alt text is using relevant keywords. Alt text descriptions are a way for search engines to understand the content on a webpage, and incorporating relevant keywords in them can help improve overall SEO performance. However, be sure to focus on incorporating keywords naturally within the alt text, rather than stuffing them in unnaturally.

Additionally, many content management systems and website builders include the option to display the image’s file name as alt text automatically. While that might be tempting to use, it’s not a best practice. Instead, try to provide a more descriptive text for the alt text.

Overall, writing good image alt text involves providing a concise, descriptive, and accurate description of the image while incorporating relevant keywords naturally within the text. By following these tips, you can improve the accessibility and SEO performance of your website.



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