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What Are Goal Types In Google Analytics

What Are The Four Scope Types Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly useful tool for website owners and marketers alike, providing insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and much more. One of the key features of Google Analytics is the ability to set and track goals, which help you measure the success of your website and online campaigns. But what are goal types in Google Analytics, and how do they work?

Put simply, goal types in Google Analytics refer to the different types of actions or conversions that you want visitors to your website to complete. There are four types of goals available in Google Analytics: destination goals, duration goals, pages/screens per session goals, and event goals. Each of these corresponds to a different type of action that you want visitors to take on your site, and each can be tracked and analyzed separately to give you insights into user behavior.

Destination goals are perhaps the most straightforward and commonly used type of goal in Google Analytics. These goals track specific pages on your website that visitors reach after completing a desired action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. Duration goals, on the other hand, track how long visitors spend on your site before completing a conversion, while pages/screens per session goals track how many pages or screens a user visits in a single session. Finally, event goals track specific actions that visitors take on your website, such as clicking on a button or viewing a video.

One important thing to note about goal types in Google Analytics is that they can be set at different levels of scope. The four scope types in Google Analytics are destination, duration, pages/screens per session, and event. Depending on the type of goal you are setting, you may choose to track it at one of these levels of scope, or you may set multiple goals with different scopes to gain a more comprehensive view of user behavior on your site. Ultimately, understanding the different types of goals and how to set them in Google Analytics is a critical part of measuring and optimizing your website’s success.



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