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What Does A Canonical Tag Do


When it comes to website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects to consider. One of the things that SEO experts pay attention to is the issue of duplicate content on websites. Duplicate content can occur when different pages on the same website have the same or similar content, or when content from other websites is copied and used on a website. This can lead to problems with search engine rankings, as search engines may not know which pages to rank highly, and may even penalize the website. A canonical tag is one way to address this issue, but what does a canonical tag do exactly?

What does a canonical tag do?

A canonical tag is a piece of HTML code that tells search engines which version of a webpage is the preferred or canonical version. This tag helps to avoid issues with duplicate content by consolidating ranking signals for the preferred version of the page. In other words, if different versions of the same content exist, the canonical tag tells search engines which version to prioritize in search results.

For example, if a website has two pages with the same content (e.g. one with URL and another with URL, the website owner may use a canonical tag to tell search engines which page they should prioritize. The tag will be added to the head section of the HTML code and specify the preferred URL. Search engines will then prioritize that URL when organizing search results.

Why use a canonical tag?

Using a canonical tag can provide several benefits to website owners. By specifying the canonical version of a webpage, website owners can avoid duplicate content issues that can negatively impact search engine rankings. This can help to improve a website’s visibility and drive more traffic to the site. Additionally, it can help to improve the user experience by ensuring that users are directed to the correct version of a page.

Overall, the use of a canonical tag is an important aspect of website optimization and should be considered by website owners who want to improve their search engine rankings and provide an effective user experience.


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