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What Does Alt Text Look Like On Instagram

What Does Alt Text Look Like on Instagram?

Alt text, or alternative text, is an important feature of Instagram that enables visually impaired users to understand the content of an image. It is a brief description of what is happening in the image and is read out loud by screen readers. Moreover, alt text can also improve your SEO, as it makes your content more accessible and easier to find on search engines.

To add alt text to your Instagram post, you can go to the advanced settings when uploading a new photo. You will find a text field titled “Write Alt Text”, where you can enter a brief description of the image. Instagram allows you to include up to 100 characters for alt text, so make sure to make it short and concise. Also, it is important to ensure that your alt text describes the main subject of the image, instead of being a general description.

When a visually impaired person comes across one of your images, their screen reader will read out the alt text you have provided. You can always check what your alt text looks like when viewing an image on Instagram by holding down on the image, and a small window will appear showing the alt text description. So, it is important to use clear and descriptive language to help visually impaired users understand your content better.

In conclusion, adding alt text to your Instagram posts is a simple and effective way to make your content accessible to everyone. It not only makes your content more inclusive for visually impaired users but also improves your search engine optimization. Make sure to provide concise and clear descriptions that accurately describe the image being posted, and that you always double-check the alt text to ensure it meets the best practices for accessibility.


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