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What Does Alt Text Look Like

What is Alt Text?

Alt text is a description of an image for screen readers, search engines, and other web technologies that cannot visually display the image. Alt text helps people with visual impairments to understand the content of an image on a website. Alt text is an important part of web accessibility and is required by law in many countries.

What Does Alt Text Look Like?

Alt text is actually text that is added to an HTML code, and it cannot be seen by users unless they view the source code of a web page. If you were to inspect the HTML code of a web page, you would find alt text between the img tags. Here is an example of how it looks:

A black and white dog playing in the park

In this example, “A black and white dog playing in the park” is the alt text. If the image fails to load, the alt text would be displayed in its place.

How to Write Effective Alt Text

Alt text should be brief and descriptive, accurately conveying the content and purpose of the image. It should also be unique and not repeated for multiple images. Alt text should focus on the content of the image and not its aesthetics. Avoid using terms such as “image of” or “picture of” as it’s already understood that it’s an image. Make sure to include any relevant details or context that would help a visually impaired person understand the meaning of the image.

In conclusion, alt text is an essential, though often overlooked, element of web accessibility. It should be used properly and thoughtfully to ensure that everyone can access and understand the content of a website.



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