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What Does Page Value Mean In Google Analytics

What Does Pages/Session Mean In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides website owners with valuable insights into their website’s performance. One of the metrics that Google Analytics tracks is page value. In simple terms, page value refers to the average value of a page on your website. It is calculated by dividing the total revenue generated by a page by the number of page views and entrances.

Page value is a metric that can help website owners understand which pages on their website are generating the most revenue. This can be important for businesses that rely on e-commerce sales or advertising revenue. Pages with a high page value are likely to be those that are critical to the success of the website, and should be given special attention when it comes to optimization and user experience.

Another important metric that is closely related to page value is pages/session. This metric measures the average number of pages that a user views during a single session on your website. Pages/session can be used to identify the most engaging content on your website, and to optimize your website’s navigation and user experience to encourage users to view more pages per session. By understanding the relationship between page value, page views, and pages/session, website owners can make informed decisions about how to optimize their website for maximum revenue and engagement.


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