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What Is Alt Text For An Image

What is Alt Text for an Image?

Alt text, also known as alternative text or alt tag, is a description of an image that is displayed when the image cannot be rendered or displayed. Its primary function is to provide an alternative text for screen readers for individuals with visual impairments. It also helps search engines understand what an image is about so that it can be indexed and displayed in relevant search results. Alt text is an important web accessibility feature, and it also plays a crucial role in improving the user experience.

Why is Alt Text Important for Web Accessibility?

Alt text is essential for web accessibility as it allows visually-impaired users to understand the context of an image. Screen readers are used by many people with visual impairments to navigate websites, and they cannot “read” images unless they have alt text. Alt text provides a verbal equivalent of the visual content, allowing individuals with visual impairments to comprehend the content of an image. It also helps users who have turned off images to speed up their browsing experience by providing context for missing images.

How to Write Effective Alt Text?

To write effective alt text, it is crucial to provide a concise and accurate description of the image’s content. The alt text should be no longer than 125 characters, and it should describe the image’s purpose or function, not just its visual features. The alt text should be written in clear and simple language, avoiding technical jargon or complex terms. If the image contains text, then the alt text must include that text. It is also important to use appropriate keywords in the alt text to improve the image’s relevance in search engines.

In conclusion, alt text plays a vital role in web accessibility and user experience. It provides an alternative text for visually-impaired users to understand images, and it also helps search engines index and rank images in relevant search results. Writing effective alt text is essential for web developers and designers to ensure that their websites are accessible to all users. Therefore, it is important to add alt text to all images on a website, providing a clear and concise description of the image’s content.



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