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What Is Alt Text Instagram

What is Alt Text on Instagram?

Instagram has introduced an accessibility feature called “Alt Text” which allows users to add descriptions of their photos through the platform’s settings. Alt text, also known as an “alternative text description”, is a short text description that is added to an image to provide context and meaning for those who may have visual impairments or rely on assistive technology such as screen readers. Alt texts can be added to both new and existing photos on Instagram and can be up to 100 characters long.

How to use Alt Text on Instagram?

To add alt text to your Instagram photos, you need to go to the app’s settings and click on “Accessibility”. From there, select “Alt Text” and then tap on the photo you want to add the description to, and type the alt text in the appropriate field. Alt text should accurately describe the content of the photo while being concise and to the point. It is important to avoid using subjective language, or any irrelevant or misleading descriptions.

It’s worth noting that while alt text descriptions are primarily intended to help those with visual impairments, they can also benefit other users as well. Alt text can be read by search engines, which can help boost discoverability and improve the SEO of your Instagram content. Additionally, it can also provide additional context for users who may have a limited data plan and rely on captions and alt text for context.

In conclusion, Alt Text is a feature on Instagram that provides additional context and meaning to images for those with visual impairments or rely on assistive technology. It is a valuable tool that can also benefit other users and help boost the discoverability and SEO of your Instagram content. Adding alt text is simple and can be done through the app’s accessibility settings, making it accessible to everyone.


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