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What Is Alt Text On A Website

What is Alt Text on a Website?

Alt text, or alternative text, is a description of an image on a website that is read by screen readers for those who cannot visualize the images on the website. It is also known as “alt attribute” or “alt tag,” and is used for improving accessibility and SEO purposes. Alt text is inserted in the HTML code of a website, providing a text alternative in case the image cannot be displayed.

Alt text is important for users with disabilities who might be using assistive technologies to browse the web, such as screen readers. These assistive technologies convert the text on a website into speech, and without alt text, users with visual impairments would be unable to understand or appreciate the content of an image. Alt text should be descriptive and provide context for the image, as well as a functional purpose to ensure users with disabilities can still access and navigate the website.

From an SEO perspective, alt text provides an opportunity to make a website more visible to search engines. Search engines cannot read images, so by adding alt text, the image is given a description which assists search engines in understanding what the image is about. It also provides another opportunity to include keywords and phrases that are relevant to your website, increasing the likelihood that your website will rank higher in search results.

In summary, alt text on a website provides important context and function for users with disabilities, and can also improve the visibility and ranking of a website through SEO. It is recommended to use appropriate and descriptive alt text for all images on a website, while avoiding keyword stuffing or overuse of irrelevant descriptions.


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