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What Is Alt Text On Pinterest

What is Alt Text on Pinterest?

Alt text (alternative text) on Pinterest is a brief description that serves as a textual representation of images that are displayed on the platform. Alt text provides a way for visually impaired users or those with slow internet connections to understand the content of an image. Additionally, Alt text is used by Pinterest to index and categorize images on the platform, ultimately leading to better search results and increased discoverability for your content.

When you upload an image to Pinterest, you have the option to add Alt text in the section labeled “Add a description.” The Alt text should accurately describe the content of the image, providing a clear and concise description. Pinterest recommends using 100 characters or less for the Alt text.

It’s important to note that while Alt text is beneficial for accessibility and search engine optimization, it should not be used for keyword stuffing or spamming. Overuse of keywords will not only harm the user experience but could also damage your SEO efforts. Focus on providing clear and informative descriptions that will benefit all users of the platform.

In conclusion, Alt text on Pinterest is a brief textual description of images that serves as a way to improve accessibility and search engine optimization on the platform. Use clear, concise descriptions that accurately represent the content of the image, and avoid keyword stuffing or spamming. By utilizing Alt text, you can improve the discoverability of your content and help all users have a better experience on Pinterest.



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