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What Is Alt Text On Twitter

What is Alt Text on Twitter?

Alt text, also known as alternative text or alt attribute, is a short text description that can be added to an image on Twitter to help visually impaired users understand what the image is about. When an image is uploaded to Twitter, the alt text is not automatically generated, and it is up to the user to add a description of the image. Alt text is important not only for accessibility purposes, but also for SEO, as it makes images more searchable and helps them rank higher in search results.

Why is Alt Text on Twitter Important?

Alt text is important because it helps visually impaired users understand the content of an image. When someone who is blind or visually impaired uses a screen reader to navigate through Twitter, the screen reader will read out the alt text to describe what the image is about. Without alt text, visually impaired users will not have access to the same content as sighted users. In addition, alt text is important for SEO, as it helps search engines understand what an image is about and can help the image rank higher in search results.

How to Add Alt Text on Twitter

To add alt text to an image on Twitter, follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Add photos or video” button to add an image to your tweet.
2. Once the image is uploaded, click on the “Add description” button.
3. Type a short and descriptive text that explains the content and context of the image.
4. Click on the “Apply” button to save the alt text.

It is important to note that the alt text should be accurate and descriptive, but also concise. It should not be longer than 125 characters, as longer descriptions can be difficult for screen readers to read out. By adding alt text to your images on Twitter, you can help make your content more accessible to visually impaired users, as well as improve your SEO.



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