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What Is Canonical Tag In Seo

What is Canonical Tag in SEO?

Canonical tags are an essential component of on-page SEO optimization. It is a meta tag that is used to prevent duplicate content issues. When you have similar content on multiple pages of your website, search engines can’t decide which page to prioritize, leading to a decline in your web page’s search engine rankings. Canonical tags are used to tell search engines which page is the primary version of the content, which should be indexed, and how it should be ranked.

When search engines crawl your website, they look for canonical tags to understand which page is the most important and should be indexed. The canonical tag tells the search engine which version of the content is the canonical, the original version, and which is the duplicate. This tag is added to the page’s head section, and it specifies the URL of the canonical version of the page. It’s typically used in situations like blogs where you may have the same content, but it is sorted by categories or tags, creating multiple pages with the same content.

How Does Canonical Tag Work?

The canonical tag, when added to the head section of a web page, tells the search engines that this page is a duplicate of another page, so the search engine should not consider the current URL when indexing the content. Instead, the search engine assigns all the authority and ranking signals to the canonical URL, helping to prevent duplicate content issues from affecting your website’s rankings.

When multiple versions of the same page are published on the web, search engines need to determine which version is the most authoritative and should be ranked higher. Canonical tags help search engines to understand the relationship between the different versions of the same page, preventing search engines from viewing your website as spammy or manipulative. This ultimately gives your website a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results pages.

Importance of Canonical Tag in SEO

Canonical tags are essential for good SEO practice as they help to prevent duplicate content issues, which can negatively impact a website’s rankings. These tags inform search engines which version of the content is the original and should be indexed, signals that should be attributed to the duplicate pages. This helps to prevent the search engine from dividing the authority and ranking signals among multiple versions of the same page, ensuring that your website continues to rank high in search engine results pages.

Using canonical tags is a straightforward way to ensure search engines understand the content on your website, ranking it higher for relevant keywords. This is crucial in today’s search landscape, where quality content, relevancy, and authority are critical factors in a website’s search engine rankings. Canonical tags also help to consolidate the link juice, ensuring that all the backlinks pointing to the duplicate versions of the content will pass authority and benefit the original page, resulting in higher search engine rankings.


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