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What Is Rel Canonical Tag

What is rel canonical tag?

Rel canonical tag is an HTML attribute that informs search engines which version of a webpage is the preferred version when there are duplicate content issues. When there are multiple versions of the same content or webpage, search engines might get confused about which version to rank higher in search results. In such cases, webmasters use a rel canonical tag to indicate the preferred webpage or URL for search engines to index.

A rel canonical tag is placed in the head section of an HTML document and specifies the URL of the preferred version of the webpage. This tag is useful when a website has multiple versions of the same content, such as a printer-friendly version, mobile version or archived version of a page. By using rel canonical tags, webmasters can consolidate their page authority into a single version of their content and avoid diluting their SEO efforts across multiple versions.

In summary, the rel canonical tag is an important SEO tool that helps search engines determine the preferred version of a webpage when there are duplicates. By consolidating page authority, webmasters can improve their website’s search ranking and avoid getting penalized by search engines for having duplicate content. It is essential for webmasters to understand the use of rel canonical tags and use them appropriately to optimize their website’s search rankings.


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