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Where Is Alt Text In Word

Where is Alt Text in Word?

Alt text, also known as alternative text, is a feature that helps to improve the accessibility of documents. Alt text can be used to provide a description of images, charts, tables, and other visual elements in a Word document, which can be especially helpful for individuals with visual impairments who use screen readers to access content.

To add alt text to an image in Word, first, select the image by clicking on it. Next, navigate to the “Format” tab in the ribbon. In the “Format” tab, look for the “Alt Text” button, which is usually located in the “Accessibility” group. Once you have located the “Alt Text” button, click on it to open the “Alt Text” pane.

In the “Alt Text” pane, you can enter a brief description of the image in the “Description” field. You can also provide more detailed information about the image in the “Caption” and “Title” fields, if necessary. After you have added the alt text, be sure to save the document so that the changes are retained.

In conclusion, adding alt text to images in Word is a simple and effective way to improve the accessibility of your documents. By taking the time to provide descriptions for visual elements, you make it easier for individuals with disabilities to access and understand the content in your document. So, next time you upload an image, be sure to add alt text and make it more accessible for everyone.



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