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Where To Put Google Analytics Code 2018

How To Add Facebook To Google Analytics 2018

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps website owners track and analyze their website traffic data. Once you sign up for a Google Analytics account, you’ll receive a tracking code that needs to be added to your website to begin collecting data. The question is, where to put the Google Analytics code 2018?

The answer is simple: you need to place the tracking code in the header section of your website. There are different ways to add the tracking code, depending on how your website is built. If you’re using a content management system like WordPress, you can use a plugin like Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights to easily add the tracking code. If you’re using a custom-built website, you can add the tracking code manually to the header section of your website’s code.

According to a recent survey by BuiltWith, over 54% of websites on the internet are using Google Analytics to track their website traffic. This shows the popularity and effectiveness of the tool.

Another important integration that website owners can make use of is adding Facebook to Google Analytics. By doing this, you can track how much traffic your website is receiving from Facebook, along with other important metrics such as engagement and conversion rates. To add Facebook to Google Analytics in 2018, you need to create a Facebook App ID and add it to your Google Analytics account. From there, you can set up a custom audience and track the data within your Google Analytics dashboard.

In conclusion, adding the Google Analytics tracking code in the header section of your website is crucial for tracking and analyzing your website data. With over 54% of websites using Google Analytics and the ability to integrate Facebook into the tool, there’s no reason why website owners shouldn’t take advantage of this powerful analytics tool to improve their online presence.


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