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What Is Google Analytics 4 Property Name

Google Analytics What Is Property Name

Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of the analytics platform and it comes with significant changes and improvements compared to the previous Universal Analytics version. One of the changes in GA4 that may require some understanding is the concept of the property name.

In Google Analytics, a property is where you collect data for a specific website or mobile app. It is a container for all the data that is collected, processed, and used for reporting purposes. In the previous Universal Analytics version, the property name was used to identify a website or app that is being tracked. However, in GA4, the property name is used differently.

The property name in Google Analytics 4 is the name you give to the container where you collect user data, which can include multiple streams of data such as web, mobile apps or other data sources. It is important to note that multiple properties can be connected to a single Google Analytics 4 account. This new structure allows for more flexibility and customization in data collection and analysis.

Overall, the property name in Google Analytics 4 is an important aspect of the new platform that allows for greater flexibility and organization of data collection. Understanding the changes in structure and terminology is essential for those looking to use GA4 to its full potential.



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