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Where To Put Canonical Tag

Where to put canonical tag: Understanding Canonical Tags for SEO

Canonical tags are an essential tool for any website owner who wants to improve their site’s visibility and search engine ranking. However, knowing where to put the canonical tag is essential for it to be effective.

The canonical tag is an HTML element that allows website owners to indicate the preferred version of a webpage when there are multiple versions of the same content. This tag helps eliminate duplicate content issues, which can impact the SEO ranking of a website.

So, where to put canonical tags? The answer is straightforward – on every page that has multiple versions or duplicates of the same content. The canonical tag must be placed in the head section of the HTML document, which specifies that the current page is a copy of another page.

It’s essential to ensure that the canonical URL specified in the tag points to the original or preferred version of the content. Using canonical tags incorrectly can cause significant harm to your website’s ranking, so it’s crucial to use them correctly.

In conclusion, understanding where to put canonical tags is a critical aspect of SEO. By placing the tag in the head section of the HTML document on every page with duplicate content, you can prevent duplicate content issues and avoid hurting your website’s ranking. Make sure to specify the canonical URL correctly to ensure maximum SEO benefit.


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