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How To Change Website In Google Analytics

How To Change Website On Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool for website owners to track website traffic, visitor behavior, and other important metrics. If you wish to change the website in Google Analytics, there are a few simple steps you need to follow to ensure that your data is accurately tracked.

To change the website URL in Google Analytics, you should first log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the Admin section. From there, select the appropriate account and property, and then click on the “Tracking Info” option. Next, click on the “Tracking Code” option and copy the Google Analytics tracking code to your clipboard.

Once you have the tracking code, you can then go to the website you wish to track and update the code with the new URL. You can do this by opening the HTML file for your website and pasting the new tracking code directly into the code. Alternatively, if you are using a content management system like WordPress or Joomla, you can use a plugin or module to add the tracking code automatically.

It is important to note that changing the website URL in Google Analytics may affect the data you have already collected. To ensure that your data remains accurate, you should make sure that the new tracking code is installed correctly and that your website is properly configured to track data. By following these steps, you can change your website on Google Analytics and continue to track your website’s performance accurately.


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