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What Is Exit Percentage Google Analytics

What is Exit Percentage in Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, Exit Percentage represents the percentage of visitors who left your website from a specific page. It is important to note that Exit percentage only takes into account the number of exits from a particular page, and not the number of times it was viewed. Therefore, if a page has a high exit percentage, it means that a large percentage of visitors are leaving your website after viewing that page.

How to Find Exit Percentage in Google Analytics?

To access the Exit Percentage in Google Analytics, you need to navigate to the Behavior section in the left-hand menu and then select Site Content > All Pages. This will bring up a report that shows you the performance of each page on your website. You can sort the pages by their exit rate to identify pages that have a particularly high exit rate.

It is important to analyze pages with a high exit rate to identify any issues that may be causing visitors to leave your website. Some common causes of high exit rates include slow loading times, poor design or layout, irrelevant content, and unclear calls to action. By analyzing pages with high exit rates, you can identify the root cause of the problem and take steps to improve the user experience on your website.

Why is Exit Percentage important in Google Analytics?

Exit percentage is an important metric in Google Analytics because it allows you to identify pages that may be causing visitors to leave your website. By improving the user experience on these pages, you can reduce the number of visitors who leave your website, and ultimately improve your conversion rate. Additionally, analyzing exit percentage can help you identify trends in visitor behavior, such as the pages that are most commonly viewed before visitors leave your website. Armed with this information, you can optimize your website to improve its overall performance and increase the likelihood of visitors taking your desired action.


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